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Edmonton Integrated Services (EIS) is a private social service organization incorporated in 2004. EIS is a member of the Alberta Council of Disability Services and an Accredited Service Provider through the Creating Excellence Together Certification and Accreditation Standards.

EIS develops and operates community-based programs providing residential, community access, and individual and family in-home support services. These programs and services respond to needs identified by various communities and community boards.

The programs of the Agency operate as community based services with a philosophy of early and timely intervention, with emphasis on the least intrusive/restrictive measures to promote the best interests of individuals and families.  The Agency is committed to the provision of innovative, well organized and individual centered services.

Our commitment is to promote the development and well being of individuals, to strengthen positive relationships between individuals and their communities, and to promote inclusive living.


A Community of Choice, Safety, Rights, Diversity and Inclusion.


  • Respect for the rights and dignity of persons
  • Dignity of risk
  • Responsible and safe caring
  • Integrity of relationships
  • Social responsibility
  • Community connections (Inclusion)
  • Accessibility

In keeping with its philosophy and mission statement the goals which guide Agency operations and programs include:

  1. integrating individuals with existing resources, and
  2. providing the necessary supportive measures to enable the individual to function with increasing independence within their community.

The objectives of services are:

  • To maintain individuals in their community through the provision of practical and concrete supports,
  • To increase individual’s daily living skill towards greater self-reliance, and
  • To increase individual’s access to formal and informal resources within the community.