Working at Edmonton Integrated Services

“In the role of Program Supervisor with Edmonton Integrated Services I play a rewarding role of coordinating the efforts of a dedicated team striving for excellence in service delivery for our individuals. My personal mission is to provide the best environment for the Individuals we support and ensuring a conducive team atmosphere where every person can share their ideas of improved service delivery. I truly feel blessed that I can be part of an Agency wide effort to empower Individuals so they understand their rights and are treated fairly with the dignity and respect deserved by all. In their journey and steps towards independence, as a collaborative team we foster positive growth experiences. Along this journey of self-discovery, informed choices will become life lessons. Personal growth fosters independence towards becoming contributing members of the community. Within the safety and security of their homes, the team builds positive trusting bonds that are non-judgmental and nurturing. Everyday gives way to new growth and new opportunities towards integration into society. I wholeheartedly believe in our Agency and feel empowered to make improvements towards enhancing the quality of life of others. A reciprocal relationship exists of learning about others and of ourselves. This is the special bond we share in an innovative and dynamic Agency we call Edmonton Integrated Services.”

                     – Shared Living Program Supervisor

“I began working in this field as a young adult, and I am now on the opposite end of the spectrum in life, where one tends to become reflective and perhaps “taking inventory” of one’s life. When I look back at my experiences in the field, with the individuals, I have had the distinct pleasure of serving over a period of 30 years; I realize how important this journey has been. If I had deviated at any point along this road of life, I would have/could have gone down a completely different path. I have made bad choices along the way; I have also made some very good ones. Not unlike the individuals, I have supported throughout my life. The difference is that my support system is different, my childhood and experiences have been different – not better, not more substantial…different. I have learned that the resilience, honesty and depth of character of the people I have supported has humbled me, inspired me and challenged me to be better, to strive for excellence. I have learned this because in the face of adversity and many challenges, many of the people that we support simply never give up. Often, they do not complain about why or how their life has lead them here. Instead, they often face hurdles head on, despite whatever barriers may be in their way. More often than not, this is done with zest and appreciation for small things we have access to or can do every day without any consideration or hesitation. Maya Angelou says, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” With this quote in mind, I can honestly say I have chosen a career where it is possible to feel truly successful.”

                     – Shared Living Program Coordinator