Program Coordinator

This position provides leadership to the Shared Living Program. They are critical thinkers whom lead by example and provide direction to build person centered programming for the individuals accessing support. They have a wide range of capabilities to understand and build consensus with individuals, staff, guardians and PDD representatives. A typical day of work may include: meeting with Supervisors/Team Leaders/On Call and the Program Director to debrief incidents, attending psychiatric appointments with individuals, interviewing individuals for program placement, report writing and working on various internal and/or external committees.

Program Supervisor

The Supervisors work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. They bring high energy, enthusiasm and problem-solving skills to engage with individuals accessing supports to develop community inclusion and to live life to the fullest. They believe in the strength of community and provide support to front-line staff to improve the quality of life for individuals as they learn daily living skills and build relationships. They are great communicators and understand the value of professional documentation and reporting skills. A typical day of work may include: meetings to discuss Behaviour Support Plans or Individual Service Plans, interviewing and hiring staff, scheduling shifts, providing mentor ship and coaching to staff and maintaining files. Meeting Individuals in their homes and community to ensure the Individuals desires/goals are continuing in the direction the Individuals wishes.

Community Disability Service Practitioner

These employees understand the value of person-centered thinking in their daily support of individuals. They bring a curiosity to seeking opportunities to engage in the community and are passionate about exploring and presenting meaningful experiences and connections for individuals. A typical day of work may include: planning and assisting with recreational and skill building activities and programs, developing relationships with friends and community members and maintaining service delivery records.