CET Standard of the Month  

Standards 12 and 24: Abuse Prevention

Everyone has a right to be free from abuse. Abuse can occur in many forms including:

  • physical and sexual abuse
  • neglect
  • financial exploitation
  • emotional abuse
  • the unregulated use of restrictive procedures

Individuals who depend on limited supports alone (e.g., paid personal supports) can be more vulnerable to abuse. Therefore, abuse prevention starts when individuals have a healthy and strong social network. It is reinforced when individuals and staff are knowledgeable about abuse.
Service provider responsibilities include:

  • promoting the development of healthy, strong relationships and social networks
  • creating opportunities for individuals to have
    • personal control
    • choice
    • inclusion and full citizenship within their communities
  • helping individuals and staff learn about abuse prevention and reporting
  • as much as possible, upholding the right of the individuals to be free from all forms of abuse
    • ensuring that a competently-developed support plan is in place whenever individuals’ rights are
    • denied
    • limited
    • restricted
  • ensuring that staff:
    • fully understand the standards related to the use of restrictive procedures
    • know how to follow the relevant policy or Act if incidents of abuse are reported

There is recognition that service providers may not be able to protect individuals from every possible risk of abuse if their staff are not present with individuals every moment of the day. In Alberta, reports of abuse must follow the requirements of the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol or the Protection for Persons in Care Act (PPCA) (whichever applies).