EDMONTON INTEGRATED SERVICES (EIS) is a private social service agency, incorporated in the Province of Alberta in 2004 to assume operations formerly conducted under Kigep Management Ltd and Kigep Community Support Programs Ltd. in the Edmonton Area. The Agency has developed and operated community and residential, individual and family support programs since its inception. These programs have been developed in response to the needs identified by: Alberta Human Services and Community Boards (Child Welfare, Supports for Independence, and Persons with Developmental Disabilities); Employment and Immigration Canada; Government of the Northwest Territories; Government of Nunavut.

SERVICES: Edmonton Integrated Services offers services to Individuals which are community based, emphasizing well organized, Individual centered programs promoting the least restrictive options while respecting the individuals desired personal outcomes.

EMPLOYMENT: Edmonton Integrated Service is dedicated to the recruitment of individuals who have the education, experience and expertise appropriate to the needs of the population served. We are an equal opportunity employer having participated in the Nurturing Diversity in the Workplace program.

CET Standard of the Month: Edmonton Integrated Services strives to go above and beyond with the service it provides. EIS will Showcase different CET Standards each month.